Cooking with Philips airfryer

With the help of Philips airfryer, we can cook many dishes for our family. In this paper we will share you some attractive menu for your meal.


  • French fries

It is a favorite food of not only children, but also for adult. However, many people have to give up this favorite foodbecause it is too fat. With the help of this product, you only have to spend less time to prepare this tasty food for your children without any fat that affects badly your health. The fat amount decreases significantly during the cooking process

  • Grilled spring roll

Since ancient times, Grill spring roll is regarded as a delicacy dish that is specialized for serving kings in the big occasion. However, the ingredients are very simple: just a couple of eggs, a little raw sausage, a little more dexterity that you can take to make feast for the whole family to enjoy it. Normally, you have to use a lot of fat to fry the spring roll, but with the appearance of Philips air fryer, fat is no more used, which can protect your family health. Continue reading “Cooking with Philips airfryer”

Which type of garage door opener is suitable most for your garage door opening?

The price and the model of a garage door opener are not what to define whether it is best garage door opener or not. You might consider more the suitability of this garage door opener for your garage door and the garage door opening instead of the price or any other thing else. When you consider the type of garage door opener to suit your garage door opening, there is variety of options for you to choose. You might see the most popular and basic type of garage door which is side hinged garage door and even the most modern type of garage door opener now is roller garage door opener and so on. For the extreme wide range of garage door opener, it is hard for buyers to choose the most suitable garage door opener for their garage door opening.

Consideration of the availability and fitting requirements

Each garage door opener operates in its own and unique way. It is because the mechanisms of them are different. Moreover, the internal and external space requirements of each type of garage door opener require the suitability of garage door opening. You can not just randomly choose garage door opener. You have to consider the requirements of the space that the garage door opener need to choose the most fitted garage door opener. Somehow, the limit of your garage door opening space limits the choice of your garage door opener. However, there is no need to worry. Today, I would like to introduce you a short guide to choose suitable garage door opener for your garage door opening. There are 5 popular types of garage door opener.

  1. Side hinged doors

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Choosing, using and cleaning the tea kettle

Drinking tea has become very popular all around the world so people are paying much attention to how to choose a teapot, how to use it and how to keep it safe. This article is going to give you several tips in terms of using, choosing and cleaning a tea kettle so that you can have your best one.

  1. Choosing the tea kettle

How should you choose a teapot? This question is not easy to answer. It depends on the demand of each person. As usual, we drink tea alone or with one another person so the tea kettle is not large. You should choose a teapot that can contain enough tea for 2 – 4 cups. For those who often have conversations with a lot of people at their offices or at home, they ought to select a bigger teapot to meet all the demands of drinkers.

The tea kettle you use daily should be simple, not too strange in its shape and designs on the grounds that it will cause difficulties while you are boiling the tea and cleaning the teapot. It is advisable to buy simple tea kettle with simple patterns or no pattern, which is of the most convenience. There are a wide variety of teapots at various prices. You should choose one teapot at reasonable price for making tea every day and a more expensive one to use when you have to meet your guests.

  1. Cleaning the tea kettle after buying it

The tea kettle that you have just bought should not be used immediately because the smell of the material is still stick to the teapot and there is a lot of dust inside and outside the pot so the very first thing you have to do is to clean carefully the tea kettle.

People often put the tea kettle into a pot that contain a certain amount of water then boil it. After 30 – 40 minutes boiling, you take the tea kettle out and soak it into warm water and clean thoroughly so that there is no dirt stick on the teapot.

  1. Using and storing the tea kettle

Over a long period of using, the color of the tea kettle seems to fade; it changes to the darker color than its original color. The tea kettle should not be cleaned so many times; you just have to put some hot water into the pot and shake then pour the water out of the pot and you can use it at once. If you do that after you use the tea kettle, it will be durable and it can make the tea more delicious. Remember that choose the best tea kettle so that you will not have to worry about unexpected problems after a long time using the teapot.

A tea kettle will become your friend. It is very different from other collections of yours, not only your liking but the tea kettle goes with you in your daily habits. Continue reading “Choosing, using and cleaning the tea kettle”


The scan – tool is designed by the intelligent technology of Autel, which is recognized by the after – market industry. This is one of the famous brands that are able to read the error of the cars the most quickly. The brand always provides the advanced product of high quality and at reasonable price for users. In addition to this, the brand supports the consumers with the best services. The Autel scanning system has developed functions of scanning, often used in garages, for mechanics and experts. This article will introduce to you one types of error scanner so that you will have more information about this modern device.

  1. Description of the parameters of the scan – tool
  • Name of the device: the error scanner
  • Manufacturer: GIT in Korea
  • Model: Innova 3160
  • Price: depending on the versions of the device

  1. Names of the errors and functions of the device (as called by the mechanics)
  • The error reading device for the controlling box or the machine examining the controlling box in the cars – as known as the ECU reader.
  • The car scanning – as known as the ECU scanner
  • The sensor scan – tool or the device checking the sensor of the car – often called the ECU and the sensor scanner / sensor scanning device.
  • The diagnosis device (obd2 diagnosis) or checking the obd2 – often called the obd2 scanner.
  • The automatic diagnosis device – according to the experts: the auto diagnosis tester.
  1. The using range

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Do you know that the painting colors in your living room can tell other people what your characters are? Which color do you like: hot tone, cold tone, secret tone or classic tone? This article will give you detailed explanation for the meaning of colors painted in the living room.

  1. You prefer neutral colors

Gray, white, cement color, brown, beige and ivory bring to your house classic and somewhat dry appearance. If these colors are attractive to you, you seem to be quite angular, practical and not interested in what the home improvement. Sometimes, you feel too tired with color arrays. Or vice versa, you can also be a refined user, want to show personality and you know how to highlight the bright colors of the furnishings and decorations in the house.

In case it is true that you do not get interested in the use of color, you still have the balance and avoid the feeling of boredom, coldness and somewhat mourning for your homes by combining cleverly the dark and light shades of materials with contrasting surfaces such as smooth painted walls with chiffon curtains, pillows, glass vases with floating patterns or wall mirrors. The contrast will make a harmonious house, not monotonous.

To support your painting work, you should prepare some necessary tools like the sprayer which will help you spray the paint onto the walls. You should search the internet for airless paint sprayer reviews to know which type is suitable for your financial status. Remember to prepare all things for a more beautiful house of your own.


  1. Combining cozy colors

Selecting warm painting colors like yellow, orange, orange – pink or pink – peach proves that you are very friendly and social people. People who like to use cozy color tone for the house are often helpful and dedicated ones. Such colors create a narrowed space so you will feel warmer. Continue reading “CHOOSING SUITABLE PAINTING COLOR FOR LIVING ROOMS”


Decorating the living room is considered to be one of the most important parts of designing house on the grounds that we spend a lot of time having daily activities in this space. The fact is that not all houses are large so that the house owners can freely designs as they like. However, if they are creative and intelligent, they can totally create magic things. This article will introduce to you some tips to decorate the living room.

  1. A mirror

A mirror can help you fool others’ vision, make the space look widened. When you combine a mirror with a system of ceiling lights, candles, the light of the room will be reflected more effectively.

  1. The combination of white – gray

The combination of white color and gray color is favored in small room. From the ceiling, walls and sofa to hanging lamps, you can take advantage of them. A little red of the window curtains will be a focus point to avoid feeling cold.

  1. Combination of two rooms

We can absolutely combine the living room with the dining room if necessary. The interior furniture should be simple but modern. For example, the television can hang on the wall together with the decorative shelves to save the space.

  1. Romantic style

A living room is not fancy but very subtle when there is a romantic violet sofa together with a round table in the center of the room. There, the living room and eating room combine, which will draw much attention in spite of its small area.

  1. Luxurious and elegant style

Luxury and elegance are created when there is a little black. The sofa set, the coffee table and storage cabinet. In terms of light system, some red will bring a cozy atmosphere for the living room. Continue reading “IDEAS FOR DECORATING SMALL LIVING ROOMS”


Decorating the living room consists of a lot of steps, one out of which is to prepare interior furniture and decorative objects. Where do you start? You start from the T.V shelf or a sofa set? All the things must be in a harmony form the designs, styles and the colors. This article will give you some tips about decorating and arranging the living room in order that you will not feel confused for the first time designing. After reading this article, do not forget to apply any tip for your living room.

Here are some tips for you in terms of decorating the living room: Continue reading “HOW TO DECORATE THE LIVING ROOM BEAUTIFULLY”


The living room is the most important room of a house. It has a lot of functions such as gathering, chatting and relaxing of all the family. On the grounds that it is the public room, make sure that its design is suitable. This place must bring you real sense of comfort. Appropriate arranging helps you to gain this feeling. From common things, you can make the living room unique as follows.

Common objects

  1. Using mirror

Almost all the living rooms have classic designs that the fireplace is the focus point and if there is one mirror above, it makes a perfect combination. Arranging a pair of candles decorated with gold or silver holder on the mantel will highlight ancient definition of the room. It will make the room brighter. The mirror creates a cozy feel for the living room.

  1. Using pictures

All the pictures reveal a lot about us rather than any other thing. It is advisable to display the pictures in a particular topic for example family, landscape or anything as long as you are interested in. However, there are a number of people hanging the pictures that are not related to the whole room so you can freely create whatever you love.

Displaying artistic work is one of the most effective methods of decorating the living room. We suggest hanging pictures about landscapes, plants, animals to make emphasis for your house. If watercolor or oil paint pictures cost you a fortune, you can come to the shop selling old pictures, you can find ones suitable for your characters and your finance. In addition to this, you can order pictures and picture frames in the online shops. Such artistic pictures make the living room more luxurious.

  1. Displaying shelves

Displaying shelves placed in the living room will create a large space for you to display what you like such as old books, vases or souvenirs. Vases and tree bowls are the right choice if you want to make an emphasis or to make the room lively. However, you should pay more attention to the size and the shape of the objects that you want to display to avoid messing the living room.

  1. Themed items



Cream and beige color is used popularly in decorating the living room. The reason is that these two colors always create comfortable, relaxing and quiet feeling. To select an appropriate cream color, choose the light tone like vanilla cream or caramel color. As a result, you will have an elegant and tasteful living room. Furthermore, if you add a little chocolate brown in this space, your room will become more stylish and elegant. Gamut cream can be applied to both the living room and bedroom, creating a soft interior space.

There are many ways to decorate the living room with cream and beige as follows.

  • Way 1

The living room will be more elegant with yellow – beige painting color and a big beige sofa set. The house owners should put some decorative objects in dark blue and a colorful picture. The wall space for the television and fireplace should be painted light brown to match the beige tone as a whole.

  • Way 2

The beige tone constitutes more space than any other tone. This color will make the room larger but still create cozy atmosphere. Some light brown pillows around will not lose the main tone of the room.

  • Way 3

It cannot be denied that the living room should have bright large sofa set to make the room less narrow. You can paint the beige and use a big blue table in the center of the room to make an emphasis. Continue reading “IDEAS FOR DECORATING THE LIVING ROOM WITH CREAM AND BEIGE COLOR”


Mastering the following criteria of living room decoration, you will have knowledge of arrangement standard then you will have ability to arrange and decorate your living room attractively.

I. The 7 criteria

  1. Measuring the area of the living room

Measuring the area of the living room is the very first thing you have to do in terms of arranging and decorating the room. It is very simple! You only need to use a tape to measure the size of the room, including the length, the width and the height. One small tip is that you can walk in the room and count the number of steps to measure all the dimensions of the floor. Measuring the room size becomes extremely important on the grounds that it makes you more proactive in purchasing furniture so that the inferior furniture fits the room especially the main door.

  1. Combining all the furniture

It is necessary to combine all the furniture in a room. Why? Because you should utilize objects with various sizes which you can take advantage of to make your room more attractive. For example, a living room with mainly sofa of different sizes lying to two sides of the small table and there is a series of small sofa to the left to create more space for the living room.

  1. Scaling decorative objects to create balance

The criteria of scaling decorative objects is to create balance and harmony for the living room, including the balance of the height, the width, the length and the thickness of the pictures to hang on the walls, of the sofas to arrange them appropriately.

  1. Symmetric design